Pomegranate & Raspberry

With so many health-conscious individuals looking to harness the proven benefits of superfruits, this is one drink that we know you're going to love.

The perfect union of Hibiscus and Superfruit Antioxidants



HiFit Pomegranate and Raspberry, like all of our beverages, starts with a base of extracts from fresh hibiscus flowers. Enhancing its taste and nutrient content is Pomegranate, one of nature’s most beneficial and well-researched superfruits. Pomegranate is renowned for its strong antioxidant profile and cardiovascular support compounds, with a unique taste that’s somewhere in-between sweet and tart. Natural raspberry flavor balances the taste of this innovative beverage, while reducing the need for any added sugar or sweeteners.


  • Contains 10% real Pomegranate juice
  • Each serving is only 70 calories
  • Contains no gluten, cholesterol or fat
  • Only 18 carbohydrates per serving
  • Free of artificial sweeteners, flavors and preservatives
  • Contains Hibiscus to support healthy cardiovascular function*
  • Supports blood pressure levels already within healthy range*HiFit Juice image


Hibiscus and Pomegranate Together At Last

On its own, hibiscus offers a wide spectrum of health benefits. When you add Pomegranate to the mix, you end up with something very special. If you’re looking for a health drink that delivers both superior taste and a strong nutrient profile, HiFit Pomegranate Raspberry is sure to become one of your instant favorites.

pomegranate and raspberry HiFit Juice image

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