The Power of Hibiscus

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Why hibiscus, you might be asking. After all, the benefits of hibiscus extract is not the most common ingredient in other popular health beverages. Until now, one of the only real ways to reap its many benefits was to consume Hibiscus tea products. This is where a little education can truly go a long way.

As the founders of HiFit Juice, we grew up in West Africa – a region where Hibiscus flowers grow freely and are consumed on a daily basis to support good health, energy, recovery and a wide range of other common wellness concerns. Having been around it for so long, it was eventually made clear to us that there is something very special contained deep within the bright red flowers of this gift from nature.

One of Nature's Most Beneficial Extracts

Today, ongoing fascination and scientific research has confirmed what so many West African natives have known for centuries.  Hibiscus contains an impressive amount of compounds which, when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, can help support the overall health of those who consume it.  As much as 30% of the plant contains beneficial plant acids, such as tartaric acid, malic acid and it’s most unique compound, hibiscus acid (comprised of allo hydroxyl citric acid lactones).   This unique nutritional profile lends to its diverse range of potential health benefits.

Anumber of studies conducted during the period of 2007 to 2010 have looked closely at the effect hibiscus has on blood pressure.  One particular placebo-controlled study evaluated the effects of anthocyanins (one of the main antioxidant compounds in Hibiscus) in relation to blood pressure health.  At the conclusion of the study, researchers concluded that the group who consumed hibiscus extract containing 250 mg of powdered anthocyanins were able to maintain blood pressure numbers in a healthy range.

Support Healthy Cardiovascular Activity

A 2010 study suggested that hibiscus may help in supporting healthy cholesterol levels.  In this double-blind placebo-controlled study, 222 patients with established cardiovascular and cholesterol challenges with given either hibiscus extract or a placebo.  At the conclusion of the study it was determined that the hibiscus group had demonstrated improvement in their cholesterol numbers, as well as their blood pressure readings.



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