The Enduring Health Benefits of Hibiscus

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The Enduring Health Benefits of Hibiscus


For many centuries now, health enthusiasts from around the world have been embracing the wide range of the health benefits of hibiscus.  It has been used as a naturally-occurring source of energy, stamina and general good health for as long as people have been harvesting it.  Today, research has shown that the plants’ bright red flowers are teeming with a generous array of nutrients, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds.  This has made drinks like Hibiscus tea wildly popular with those seeking a more healthy lifestyle.


Today, however, Hibiscus beverages are available in more than just tea form.  Let’s explore a few of the most scientifically-supported health benefits associated with consuming fresh Hibiscus extracts.


Blood Pressure Health

Some of the most promising studies have focused on how the active compounds in Hibiscus may help support healthy blood pressure levels already within the healthy range.  This can be attributed to the plant’s unique nutraceutical composition.  It contains a high percentage of beneficial plant acids, including tartaric acid, malic acid, citric acid and allo-hydroxycitric acid lactone, which is also known as Hibiscus acid–one of the plant’s most unique compounds.  Other beneficial constituents include a rich arrangement of anthocyanins, quercetin and plant alkaloids.


In 2010, a randomized placebo-controlled study concluded that health benefits of hibiscus demonstrated the ability to help maintain healthy blood pressure levels.*


Supporting Healthy Cholesterol

The popularity of Hibiscus tea and other Hibiscus-based beverages, was one of the key inspirations for a study looking at the plant’s role in healthy cholesterol management.  During the years of 2007 to 2010 a number of impressive studies were conducted, and the findings continue to showcase its ability to help promote more healthy cholesterol levels.*


In 2010, for example, a study of 222 people (about a third of whom had compromised metabolic activity) suggested that consuming Hibiscus extracts appeared to help maintain more desirable cholesterol numbers.  This same placebo-controlled study also determined that the plants’ active compounds may also have a positive impact on how the body uses blood sugar.*


Energy & Stamina

From a more historical perspective, Hibiscus has been used by the indigenous people of Africa, Asia and many other regions to help promote vitality, energy, stamina and general wellness.  HiFit Juice, one of the industry’s more popular Hibiscus-based health drinks, was developed by health enthusiasts from West Africa’s Senegal region.  It was brought to market as an alternative to Hibiscus tea, offering users a more practical, refreshing and convenient way to reap the many health benefits of hibiscus extracts.


Hibiscus Health Beverages   

Until now, there has been a limited number of options when it comes to utilizing the health benefits of hibiscus.  Hibiscus tea remains a popular option, though this method takes time to prepare and can be far from desirable after a workout or when on-the-go.  HiFit Juice is an innovative line of Hibiscus-based healthy beverages that make it fast, convenient and more enjoyable to incorporate the plant’s active health compounds into even the most hectic schedule.


To learn more about HiFit Juice and how they can help you lead a more healthy lifestyle, be sure to visit our products page for detailed information on each of our three varieties.